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Striking back against stress

You know exercise is good for your body. Well, researchers are finding it’s just as beneficial for your mind. That’s because working out has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. It helps boost your confidence; distracts you from worries; gives you the opportunity to socialize with others; improves your sleep; and enables

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Feeling your best after breast cancer

Did you know that physical therapy (PT) and acupuncture can help ease the side effects of breast cancer treatment? These techniques are often used for patients who’ve had a mastectomy, lymph node removal and/or breast reconstruction. Here’s a rundown of how PT and acupuncture can help speed recovery: • Arm exercises can help prevent stiffness,

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Tackling Wrist Tendonitis

If you notice your wrist throbs after you’ve spent time at your computer—or after you’ve played a game of catch with your child—you might have tendonitis, or inflammation of the wrist tendons, the fibrous cords that attach muscle to bone. Tendonitis is a common injury, and it often results from improper wrist positioning when using

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A Safer Fall Clean-Up

What better way to enjoy a beautiful fall day—and squeeze in some yard work—than to rake leaves? It’s great exercise, and you can get your kids in on the action. Still, it pays to take precautions: Last year, more than 38,000 Americans experienced raking-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Keep in

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Conquering Foot Pain

Do your feet ache with every step you take? It’s possible you have arthritis, a sports injury—or you’re simply wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Here are some possible causes: • Poorly fitting shoes: If your shoes don’t fit properly or provide enough shock absorption, your feet are going to be sore. Your shoes should

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