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Alternative medicine | Acupuncture therapyThe benefits of Acupuncture are becoming well known to the general-public; Pain reduction, Fertility, Migraines, Digestive issues, etc. However, there are many more treatments that benefit the mind and soul and in turn benefit the physical body.

“We must strive to see people not only as they present in illness, but more importantly how they would be in perfect health and balance, in full discovery of their true nature, unique in mind, body, and spirit.”

-J.R Worsely

One such treatment is known as “Aggressive Energy” or AE for short. This powerful treatment releases aggressive energy or high states of tension and stress often when other treatments don’t. It can provide longer lasting results when other treatment’s benefits just don’t seem to be holding. Read on to learn about what AE may feel like if you have it and what points are treated (for practitioners).

For patients: Can you think of a time you felt so irritated, agitated, and worked up about something that you just felt like jumping out of your skin? That would be a strong case of AE. Or perhaps you know someone who is often agitated and unsettled. Maybe just being around this person impacts the way you feel. If someone makes you uncomfortable with their presence alone, it’s likely they have AE. It’s considered a block to treatment progress. Think about it, when someone has emotionally toxic energy, how can they heal? AE is known as a clearing treatment in the tradition of Worsely Style 5 Element Acupuncture.

Dr. JR Worsley was a British Acupuncturist, Scholar, and Professor who brought a profound and long lost style of Acupuncture back to life. He is said to have travelled to Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore in the mid 1950’s and subsequently brought an ancient style of Acupuncture to the West. This style has been largely lost in China during the Cultural Revolution in the 1950s.  The style survived secretly in remote villages in China and made its way to other parts of Asia.

Aggressive Energy may feel like:

-Extreme Frustration


-Feeling short tempered or annoyed with people

-Like everyone around you is wrong/off base

-Uncomfortable in your skin

People who have this treatment often report feeling like themselves again, or feeling like their better selves.



Indications: (See Above)

Points: Needle The 6 Yin Bladder Shu’s on the back (BL-13, BL-14, BL-15, BL-18, BL-20, BL-23).

Needle Technique: Needle shallowly so the needle doesn’t fall out, (not too shallowly that the handle drops to the skin. Usually a tap with a tube is sufficient with no further insertion.

Needle One non-point per Jiao (3 total) to compare the redness around the points to that of the non-points. (To differentiate redness as AE release vs. skin reaction).

Observe: If the skin around the needle turns red retain the needles until it clears.

Precautions: Be careful not to over drain deficient patients. If patients are deficient but need this treatment, after clearing you may tonify the Shu’s that need tonification.

AE Theoretical Framework: Yuan (Source) qi rises out of Ming Men (Gate of life) and infuses the Yin Shus and organs. This shallow insertion clears or drains tension that has risen to the surface before it circulates into the primary channels.

Pulses: According to Lonny Jarrett in his “The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine”, AE pulses feel excessive at the superficial level, as if the patient is fighting an external pathogenic factor.

Considerations: This treatment can clear heat so make sure patient is comfortable.

You may repeat this treatment over multiple sessions and revisit it when the patient appears largely distressed.  Just remember not to over treat a deficient patient.


Case Studies:

  1. A young woman came in for her first ever Acupuncture session. She was complaining of anxiety, stress, and digestive discomfort and was concerned that her symptoms would interfere with her upcoming vacation. My consideration for AE was confirmed when her pulses felt excessive at the superficial levels. During AE her back turned bright red around the points. Upon returning for her second visit she happily reported she was surprised she wasn’t as nervous to fly as she had been in the past. Her digestive issues eased significantly and did not interfere with her travelling and beach time.
  2. An older full bodied male patient had a list of symptoms plus high blood pressure. After an AE session his facial coloring changed from red to a healthier white complexion. His blood pressure rose temporarily right after the session but later went to normal levels. In fact his blood pressure has been lower than he recalls it ever being. It has been a couple months since that AE treatment and his blood pressure has stabilized and healthy complexion has remained.

Josh Solomon M.Ac, is a licensed Acupuncturist who treats in Manalapan, NJ with AOSMI. He was trained at Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts, now Maryland University of Integrative Health. He can be reached at 732-894-9200

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