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You’ve hit your max months ago and yet another demand piles on. You’re trying to keep up with all that life is putting on you, feeling like you have to get it all done but you’re slowing down. It seems like nothing can be cut out of your ever increasingly busy schedule. Perhaps it’s work demands, maybe it’s family life, a special project or all the above. Burn out is the result of giving too much of yourself over time without adequate replenishment.

David Ballard, PsyD., of The American Psychological Association describes job burnout as “an extended period of time where someone experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their job performance.” He explains it has to do with high demands at work without the necessary support or resources to meet those demands.

Signs of burn out may include feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. Even little things seem overwhelming. The spark you once had is gone. It can be difficult to find enjoyment in things because you feel like you’re working so hard to just get by. How long can you continue going like this? Lao Zu, the ancient sage is attributed to have said, “If you don’t change the direction you’re going in, you’ll probably end up where you’re headed.”

Lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, and exercise can help you recover from burn out, but the most important thing is to address the root issue. If you don’t change the cause then the effect will always be a substantial factor. Let’s face it, you can’t be your best when you don’t feel your best.

Acupuncture can be a key supporting factor if you’re feeling burnt out. It can help calm and regulate your nervous system, which can reduce stress levels. Over time, Acupuncture can help you sleep better, regulate hormones, reduce pain as well as improve digestion and immunity.

People who are burnt out often feel that they don’t have time to add anything to their already hectic overbooked schedules. They need it the most. Acupuncture is an excellent way to work self-care into your schedule. Imagine laying on the soft massage table in a calmly lit room with spa music on. That may be the only way to get time to yourself. Let’s be honest, if you don’t book an appointment, you’re not likely going to take a moment to breathe and release tension, and let your thoughts process.

Essentially, if you begin to do this during the day, you will have more peace at night when you lay your head down to sleep. What would it be like if those thoughts that keep you up at night began to fade away?

In his 1979 song, “My My, Hey Hey”, Neil Young sings, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”. That may be true, but wouldn’t it be best to clear your mind, support your body, and let your soul immerge again? Give Acupuncture a try.

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