Acupuncture Can Boost Your Immune System

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The immune system is critical in keeping us healthy and functional in our daily lives. Our immune system is constantly fighting to keep us healthy, but all too often we take it for granted and don’t pay any attention until we are sick. Every day our immune system is barraged with pathogens that have the potential to compromise our health, which in turn can have effects ranging from minor (for instance a cold) to serious (for instance the potentially fatal pneumonia).

Who’s at Risk?

  • Everyone is at risk for a compromised immune system since we can easily encounter germs anywhere at any time.
  • Particularly people with certain medical conditions such as auto-immune disorders, post-surgical patients, people with HIV, and radiation/chemotherapy patients.
  • The elderly have a higher risk for compromised immune systems because generally their body has a harder time warding off toxins.

What Can You Do?

    • Get acupuncture- Acupuncture has been proven in many studies to give the immune system a boost. The American government agency, National Institute of Health, issued results of several studies that demonstrated acupuncture can boost the immune system. One such study involved people with compromised immune systems due to stress and compared the results of those who had acupuncture vs. those that didn’t. The ones who received acupuncture had a significant improvement in immune functionality. In another study, acupuncture was proven to enhance the effects of “anticancer” cells.
    • Stay hydrated- Water isn’t just necessary for survival. Being properly hydrated allows the body to flush out toxins. The longer a toxin is in the body the higher chance it can do damage.
    • Consume a healthy diet- A balanced diet is important to keep the immune system healthy. Foods high in anti-oxidants help fight toxins.
    • Wash your hands- Germs are everywhere… and your hands are an easy way to spread germs and infect yourself.

Acupuncture has been helping people for thousands of years. Take some time to give your immune system a boost and be healthy. Your body will thank you for it!

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