How Acupuncture can help keep your body in balance

Acupuncture Red Bank | Lake Como | Manalapan NJAccording to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), humans are seen as part of the natural world that surrounds us. We are influenced by climatic changes and should seek to live in harmony with them. As the seasons change and we transition from winter to spring, it is important to keep our bodies balanced and healthy. Acupuncture can help us achieve those goals.

In Chinese Medicine, each season is related to an organ in the human body. Spring is an important time of year to attend to the energy of the liver and gallbladder. According to TCM, the liver is responsible for smooth flowing Qi or energy throughout the body. The liver and gallbladder meridians also govern the muscles, tendons, and nerves in the body, as well as control the eyes.

A healthy liver establishes a smooth and soothing flow of energy through the whole person in both body and mind. However, during times of transition like early spring, the liver can become unbalanced and susceptible to influence from harmful environmental pathogens (i.e. tree pollen, grass, mold). Acupuncture improves the function of the immune system and can help restore balance to your body by helping its natural defenses withstand the bombardment of harmful allergens.

Below are some signs that your liver/gallbladder meridian may be out of balance this time of year:

  • You feel extra tension. The liver meridian controls the flow of energy. If the energy is stagnant, emotional stress and restlessness in the body are common symptoms.
  • Muscle stiffness, aches, pains, and headaches. The liver/gallbladder nourishes the tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue.
  • You feel irritable and frustrated. Each organ has an emotion attached to it, and the negative aspect of the liver emotion is anger/frustration/irritation.
  • Dry or tired eyes are a sign of liver imbalance. The liver opens through the eyes.
  • Digestive problems. Digestion is dependent on smooth flow of Qi or energy.

Suggestions for improving the balance of the liver/gallbladder meridian:

  • Exercise, walk, run, bike. Moving your body in any way will help. Stretch. Try some yoga, tai chi, or qi gong movements.
  • Eat fresh, leafy green vegetables. Green is the color associated with the liver meridian.
  • The taste associated with the liver is sour. Sour strengthens the liver qi. Add lemon to your water or tea.
  • Give your eyes a rest. Take frequent breaks from the T.V., smartphone, tablet, and computer.
  • Detox the liver. A gentle cleanse during the spring will help remove excess toxins in the body that may have accumulated over the holiday season.
  • Get ACUPUNCTURE treatments!

The goal of the acupuncture treatments during peak allergy season is to address the patient’s acute symptoms and provide relief from itchy eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, sneezing, fatigue, etc. Acupuncture can mediate the release of histamine throughout the body, which cause these acute reactions during spring bloom. Getting your energy flowing again, helps boost your immune system! Once a person has gotten relief from acute symptoms, our focus will be to address the underlying immune imbalance, which is at the root of the problem.

Spring is a beautiful time of year when new life is sprouting forth! Come in now for your Acupuncture treatments so you can be in balance with the change.

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