Acupuncture Treatment for Migraines

Yintang AcupunctureMigraines are very common among the American population affecting millions daily as it affects 12% of the population and is the third most prevalent illness in the world. For migraine sufferers Acupuncture is an effective treatment in the reduction of symptoms as well as the frequency of migraines.

Traditional acupuncture from a Chinese Medical point of view, sees headaches as either a Hyperactivity of “Liver Yang” which the QI of the Liver flows upwards and causes “liver wind” to stir. This is a 3000-year-old theory mentioned in the Chinese medical classics due to belief that excess wind was the cause of headaches and migraines. Also, traditionally a migraine is also considered an obstruction of blood and qi to the head, in today’s terms we can say this is lack of circulation. Looking from a modern bio-perspective we can see other mechanisms on how acupuncture treatment can alleviate migraines without going into the Traditional Chinese Medicine paradigm.

The bio-mechanism of migraines reduction through acupuncture treatment can be explained by several theories including:

  1. A) the increase of endorphins through acupuncture treatment in essence eliminating the pain
  2. B) the Increase of circulation to the head and the whole central nervous system thru the systematic choosing of acupuncture points
  3. C) the release of tight and spastic muscular tissue contributing to a migraine
  4. D) Choosing acupuncture points close to specific areas of the body where nerves which control migraines and headaches lay

Points chose for migraine headaches include:

Ub1: Stimulates Cranial nerve III

Th17: Stimulation to Cranial nerve VII

PC6: Stimulates parasympathetic system

CV22: Stimulates Vagus nerve

Taiyang: Stimulates temporalis muscle of the face

LI4: Send messages to the thalamus


Patients being seen for migraine seem to show good results being treated twice to three times a week until results are satisfactory to where the patient can go down to a maintenance of once or every other week.


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