Ancient Healing Techniques Being Utilized by Today’s Greatest Athletes


Every four years the warm summer sun shines on the summer Olympics, this ancient athletic showcase has been around since the days of the ancient Greeks and began over 2,700 years ago. Today’s athletes train all of their lives using the very best state of the art athletic equipment and training methods to reach their goals. That being said; we all saw the incredible display of athletic supremacy that Michael Phelps displayed over the last few days. His focus and dedication to prepare for those moments and seconds that either win or lose you a gold medal are on display for the world to see every four years.

todays-greatest-athletes-01But this year was different, Mr. Phelps, arrived to his first swim meet with circular crimson marks all over his body. Fans aloud wondered is he sick? Is he on blood thinners? Did a mob of ravenous female fans attack him before his meet? No. In fact the marks are part of a healing and performance regimen called cupping. Cupping has been used for at least 3,000 years and allows individuals the ability to heal faster from injury and /or muscle strain. The suction from the cupping helps in dilating blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow to a given region of the body, as a result, facilitating healing and recovery to cells in the area.

Since 2012 we at Advanced PMR have utilized ancient techniques such as the aforementioned cupping, micro current technology, moxabustion, and acupuncture theory to help our athletes and patients strive for excellence and well-being. Our holistic approach puts an emphasis function and prevention. This approach allows our patients to strive for greatness and as we’ve seen with Michael Phelps, a combination of the old with the new can bring you Olympic gold!


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