Chinese Medicine (TCM) To Treat Middle Ear Infections

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It’s happening again…. for the past three days your little brother has been moaning and agonizing in pain over the pain in his little ear. He tells you he wants to take his ear off and stop the agony. Something must be done! Does this scenario sound familiar? Ear infections are one of the most common conditions that affect babies and children.

For years, the standard Western medical treatment for children with middle ear infections, also known as otitis media, has been antibiotics and in some severe cases, ear tube surgery. Now, upon evaluation of the child’s age, history of recurrent ear infections, and other underlying medical conditions, a growing number of pediatricians choose to first monitor the progression of an ear infection before resorting to antibiotics. In most cases, ear infections resolve on their own, and the fact that antibiotics have been so widely prescribed in the past could have overshadowed the child’s self-healing potential.

The treatment of middle ear infections with Chinese medicine (TCM) involves the use of points that drain and accelerate healing within the ear. The therapeutic focus when treating middle ear infections with TCM are complicated and involve treatment that works to transform phlegm. Points typically used are LI4, St.36, Sp9, and local tender points around the ear itself. These points aid in strengthening the immune system and promote the body’s own self-healing process. A major focus is to drain the excess accumulation of fluid that builds up in the ear as a result of the infection in order to reduce or totally eliminate the need for an ear tube surgery. The added benefit of using Acupuncture is that your child will not have to deal with the side effects of antibiotics, which include gastrointestinal upset and mucus production. While in some cases antibiotics have their place and are necessary, you may still use herbal medicine and acupuncture in tandem to help boost the immune system and prevent future distressing episodes of ear infections.


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