Chiropractic the Science Philosophy and Art

Man having chiropractic back adjustment close up. Osteopathy, Alternative medicine, pain relief conceptChiropractic is a science philosophy and art which examines the spine for slight misalignments or segmental dysfunctions. These vertebrae which are in an abnormal position and cause interference with the bodies nervous system, are also called Subluxations. These Subluxations can not only cause pain but can be detrimental to the body’s natural balance or homeostasis. The typical human spine should have 24 freely moving vertebrae. The neck or Cervical spine is composed of 7 segments. There are 12 Thoracic or Dorsal vertebrae and 5 Lumbar vertebrae. The base of the spine is composed of the Sacrum and below Sacrum is the Coccyx. The Sacrum and Coccyx are moveable when we are children but by the time we reach our late teens or around age 20, they fuse.

Now with our basic knowledge of human spinal anatomy we can make some sense out of all these fancy 10$ words. Therefore, if a vertebra misaligns in the neck it can cause neck pain, headaches or pain numbness or tingling down one or both arms. If a vertebra misaligns in the mid back or Dorsal Spine it can cause pain in that region. The patient might suffer from a pain that shoots between the ribs or a condition called intercostal neuritis. If you or a friend or family member is suffering from a pain syndrome or other health condition which has not been helped by traditional western medicine, consult your friendly neighborhood Chiropractor and get evaluated for abnormal spinal alignments or Subluxations.

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