Conquering chronic pain

chronic-pain-apmr-t463520769About 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain—any discomfort that lasts for longer than three months or beyond the normal healing time. It can be caused by anything from an injury to diabetes or fibromyalgia, and it can lead to depression, job loss, anxiety, disability and financial problems.

Fortunately, with proper treatment, people can have fulfilling lives. Physical therapists (PTs) can play a key role in speeding your recovery, so don’t hesitate to get help.

Here’s how we can help you feel better fast:

•  Design an exercise plan. We can teach you strengthening and flexibility exercises that enable you to move with less pain. The movements are gradually increased over time.  Our goal is to help rebuild your strength so you’re able to perform everyday activities.

Perform manual therapy. We use gentle hands-on techniques to ease stiff joints and soft tissues. This will help improve your range of motion and reduce pain.

Educate you about better posture. We will help you adjust the way you move at work, do chores or participate in recreational activities to reduce your pain and improve your ability to function.

Teach relaxation strategies, such as meditation and imagery exercises, which help reduce stress and muscle tension.

Develop strategies so you can avoid pain in everyday life. A PT can explain your condition in detail so you don’t have to worry about every new ache.

For more information on how a PT can help you cope with chronic pain,  contact us here.

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