Amazing Facts about Acupuncture Points

acupuncture pointsWhether you’ve never had acupuncture before or are an avid fan, there’s something you should know about your body. Acupuncturists stimulates tiny points along your body to help you heal a variety of issues. While we use the points, we certainly didn’t put them there.

Fact #1 – Your Acupuncture points are part of your body!

Whether it was nature, science, or a higher power that gave you these points all over your body, the fact is they are there. Like your nose, they are part of your anatomy, although much smaller than your nose! Your body is incredibly well designed for health, healing, and balance. Just like we have everything we need in nature to survive such as food, water, shelter, and other animals to interact with, your body has an incredible network of systems to thrive. Part of that network includes these tiny, invisible, and oh so helpful acupuncture points. You can’t see them now but they are there, standing by to help you feel better!

Fact #2 – Acupuncture Points are visible/measurable.

Acupuncture points are visible and measurable with modern scientific imaging! Multiple studies using CT Scans, MRIs and other imaging techniques have found that Acupuncture points are anatomically different than non-acupuncture points! This is scientific and visual proof of the existence of these points that up until recently were considered invisible. To see what they look like in CT scans and to learn more about what researchers have found on these points, click the link at the end of the article.

Fact #3 – The Chinese word for point is “men”, which means “gate”.

There are hundreds of these tiny healing points throughout the surface of your body all of which have multiple uses for physical, mental, and emotional balance. They are seen as gates or gateways to health, healing, and balance. When stimulated by a qualified acupuncturist, these gates can be activated for your benefit.

Fact #4 – There are points on your body right now that would benefit you if stimulated.

Knowing the therapeutic benefits of the points, Acupuncturists bridge the gap between your symptoms and your path to healing. We use a variety of non-invasive diagnostic tests to help us select points for each treatment. The addition of Acupuncture to your healthcare regime can make a tremendous difference in your healing and happiness. Get in touch with us at AOSMI to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled Acupuncturists.  

-Josh Solomon, L.Ac. Edison, NJ

To see the points: Education-News/1230- new-ct- scans-reveal-acupuncture-points

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