Home Exercise Program Adherence

home excersizeResearch shows that patients who perform their home exercise programs (HEP) regularly show improved functionality and faster goal achievement than those who do not adhere to their exercise program. It is important to adhere to physical therapist prescribed home exercise programs to improve healing time and to reduce injury reoccurrence. Here are some tips to improve your adherence to your HEP:

Know about Pain:
Know that there is a difference between pain and harm. Just because your HEP leaves you sore does not mean that you are doing more harm to your injury. Speak to your therapist about your symptoms if you fear that your HEP is causing you more than just soreness.

Prevent Barriers:
Your HEP should be as it states, exercises that can be done in the home. If you feel that yourHEP is not easily translate into your home environment, talk with your therapist about modifications that can be made to meet your goals.

Include Family and Friends:
Get everyone involved. Having someone to do your HEP with will not only make the activity more enjoyable, but help to ensure you complete each activity. Have your therapist teach your family members during a session to allow for improved adherence. Surround yourself with a support system that will help further your progress and hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

Positive Thinking:
Positive self thought has been shown to improve adherence to your HEP. Find what motivates you and include that in your daily routine, HERE.

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