Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture & Burn Out

You’ve hit your max months ago and yet another demand piles on. You’re trying to keep up with all that life is putting on you, feeling like you have to get it all done but you’re slowing down. It seems like nothing can be cut out of your ever increasingly busy schedule. Perhaps it’s work

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Balance and Physical Therapy

Balance problems are one of many reasons that patients come into physical therapy clinics. Balance problems make it difficult for people to maintain stable and upright positions when performing activities that involve standing, walking, and even sitting. Unfortunately, as you get older, your risk for a balance problem raises exponentially; 75% of Americans older than

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High Jump

Jumper’s Knee

Patella tendonitis, or as it is commonly called, Jumper’s knee, is a repetitive use injury that occurs most commonly to individuals from 10-40 years old. To fully understand the injury, we have to understand the anatomy. The patella tendon lies in the front aspect of our knee. It connects the quadriceps, the muscle in the

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Importance of Breathing

The Importance of Breathing

            Breathing is an innate skill that most of us don’t think about. However, it is an essential part of healing, functional movement, and a key regulator of the body. Unbeknownst to many, dysfunctional breathing patterns develop throughout the lifetime due to stressors. If you look at a baby’s breathing

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Acupuncture and Self-Actualization

Many people know that Acupuncture can be helpful for a myriad of physical concerns from head to toe, migraines to gout, and everything in between. More and more people are discovering that Acupuncture can help with stress and anxiety, but few people know of its ability to help you self-actualize or reach your highest potential.

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Outdoor meditation

Exercise and the Brain

Exercise effects two main areas of the brain. One, the prefrontal cortex and two, the hippocampus. The prefrontal cortex is the area behind your forehead that allows you to critically think, focus, make decisions and forms your personality. The hippocampus is responsible for processing and retaining long term memory. Dr. Wendy Suzuki proposes that “Exercise

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Video Game

Balance Training with Video Games

Most people know that physical therapy is often used to treat conditions that cause pain in just about all areas of the body. It is prescribed as a treatment following an injury in order to restore normal function. However, another major condition for which physical therapy is used is balance training. There are a myriad

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