While it seems like a gift to give your loved ones chocolate on Valentine’s Day, consider what all that sugar might really be doing for their bodies. The journal Scientific Reports recently published a study that confirmed a link between a diet high in sugar and common mental disorders. In 2002, research for Baylor College

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Traditional oriental Medicine and Infertility

Patients often visit acupuncture clinic or Chinese herbalist clinic to seek help with infertility issues. Majority of the patients make the decision based on infertility specialists’ recommendation and some internet studies they read. However, information online are too commercialized to promote businesses and medical doctors have very little knowledge about acupuncture to explain anything to

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Chiropractic | Sciatica | Manalapan | Red Bank | Lake Como

Chiropractic & Sciatica

Anatomically the Low Back is an architectural work of art. It is comprised of 5 Lumbar Vertebrae with 5 cartilaginous discs in between each vertebra. The Sacrum is a triangular shaped bone which L-5 or the lowest Lumbar sits upon. Below the Sacrum is the Coccyx or tailbone which is usually fused by age 21.

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Acupuncture Therapy | Red Bank | Edison | Morganville | Manalapan

Could the Answer Be in Your Ear?

Did you know there are dozens of Acupuncture points on and around your ears that can treat virtually every aspect of your health? The Ear is considered a Microsystem, meaning it is a smaller part of the body that can be used to treat the entire body. Ear or “Auricular” Acupuncture really took off in

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Tennis Elbow Treatment | Physical Therapy | Lake Como | Edison | Brick

Tennis Elbow and How it’s Treated

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow”, is a very common injury to the outside of the elbow. This pain is often caused by inflammation or injury to the wrist extensor muscle tendon which originates at the lateral epicondyle. This injury is not only common in tennis players, but also in anyone who repetitively contracts

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