Pharmacogenetic Testing

What is Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Pharmacogenetics, also called pharmacogenomics, is a risk and pain free procedure of a cheek swap sample. It is the study of how genes affect the body’s response to certain medicines. Genes are parts of DNA passed down from your mother and father. They carry information that determines your unique traits, such as height and eye color. What is more important, is that pharmacogenetics can let your doctor know what medications are safe and more effective for you.

You may have heard medication having a side effect. However, each person responds differently and may or may not have any side effects. Luckily, Pharmacogenetic testing can narrow in on specific genes to find which medications and dosages will work for you and if you would have a serious side effect.

Medications that can be tested using a specific gene:  Warfarin or Plavix (a regular used blood thinner), psychological medications that treat depression, anxiety and ADHD, autoimmune disorders, certain types of cancers and pain killers can all be tested based on a persons genes.

Before you are prescribed a medication, it is a great alternative way to see which is the best medication for you. Here, at Advanced PMR, one of our providers Dr. Ron Ben Meir, can offer this Pharmacogenetic testing to see what your body best responds to. Pharmacogenetic Testing is offered in all of our locations. Call and schedule an appointment today.

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