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Five Element Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the oldest form of health care that predates recorded history. As old as the art is, many different beliefs and philosophies have emerged and formed throughout its history. Classical Five-Element acupuncture is an ancient form of the practice that is deeply rooted in the Taoist beliefs that each human body and mind represent

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What is Evidence-Based Practice?

The following excerpt was taken directly from the American Physical Therapy Association website ( “Evidence-based practice is access to, and application and integration of evidence to guide clinical decision making to provide best practice for the patient/client. Evidence-based practice includes the integration of best available research, clinical expertise, and patient/client values and circumstances related to

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The Pain Researcher Says…Consider Acupuncture

New research involving nearly 18,000 people found that almost half who were treated with acupuncture said their pain improved-and many patients were still feeling better up to two years after the sessions stopped. Acupuncture may help your body release endorphins, which can work to dial down discomfort. In the study, weekly or twice-weekly sessions for

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Why acupuncture may help boost your fertility

You’ve probably heard that acupuncture can help ease pain and other medical conditions, but did you know it may actually help treat infertility? The technique, which involves placing thin needles into specific body parts, appears to boost the effectiveness of standard infertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI). It may treat

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“I’m so much stronger now”

When Wendy first saw Dr. James Coomber at Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, she’d given up on feeling like herself again. “An orthopedic surgeon told me that he couldn’t do anything for me, and I’d have to live with my pain,” says Wendy, 42, who suffers from a genetic condition that causes chronic muscle spasms

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10 ways to spring clean safely

Now that the weather is warming up, you might be tempted to break out the broom, reposition your furniture and freshen up your garden. But all that potentially back-breaking work can lead to injury. There are more than 10 million unintentional home injuries in the U.S. every year that result in visits to hospital emergency

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The three top causes of back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems physical therapists treat. At any given time, about 25 percent of Americans report having low back pain. In most cases, the discomfort is mild and goes away on its own. But for some people, it can become chronic and affect your quality of life. Several conditions

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Acupuncture may help relieve diabetes discomfort

Did you know that acupuncture—the ancient Chinese practice in which thin needles are inserted under the skin—can be useful for some diabetes patients? Here are two ways it might help relieve symptoms: 1. Studies show acupuncture may ease diabetes-related nerve pain. In a study published in the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, researchers found

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Fighting fibromyalgia

If you have the painful condition known as fibromyalgia, you’re probably searching for relief. Fortunately, a growing body of evidence shows that physical therapy and acupuncture can be very effective. The syndrome, which is characterized by chronic widespread pain and tenderness, can be treated with aerobic and strengthening exercises, as well as certain pain-relief techniques.

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Feeling your best after breast cancer

Did you know that physical therapy (PT) and acupuncture can help ease the side effects of breast cancer treatment? These techniques are often used for patients who’ve had a mastectomy, lymph node removal and/or breast reconstruction. Here’s a rundown of how PT and acupuncture can help speed recovery: • Arm exercises can help prevent stiffness,

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