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“I Have Arthritis, What Should I Do?”

While technological advancements and improvements in the medical field continue to evolve, patients (and clinicians) are striving for better outcomes.  However, with social media and TV ‘doctors’ attempting to fill headlines and airtime, several preliminary interventions can become exposed to the public without having strong evidence supporting their effectiveness. Fortunately, a growing body of evidence

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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of treatment rendered by a physical therapist (PT) for people who have health problems which make it hard to move around or to complete everyday tasks. The goal of physical therapy is is help make daily tasks/activities easier. Your PT will evaluate symptoms and discuss your daily activity. A treatment

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Top 7 ways to protect your joints

You might take your joints for granted, but it’s important to avoid overstressing them. Over time, that can lead to osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis. With this condition, the cartilage that covers the bones in a joint thins and, in some cases, wears away entirely. That can lead to pain and swelling and

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Conquering Foot Pain

Do your feet ache with every step you take? It’s possible you have arthritis, a sports injury—or you’re simply wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Here are some possible causes: • Poorly fitting shoes: If your shoes don’t fit properly or provide enough shock absorption, your feet are going to be sore. Your shoes should

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The Best Ways to Combat Hand Pain

Most of us take for granted the ability to tie our shoes, start the car or open a jar. For those with arthritis of the hand, everyday tasks like these become overwhelmingly difficult. About one in five adults has at least one joint with signs or symptoms of arthritis, which occurs when cartilage—a material that

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