Tension Headaches

NeckChances are most of us have experienced tension-type headaches at one point in our lives. Tension-type headaches are the most common primary headache and affect up to 78 percent of the population at some point in their lifetime. Tension-type headaches are often described as a constant daily headache, or a headache that progressively worsens with time. People with tension-type headaches often report pain on both sides of their head. The pain is often reported to be worse at the base of the skull or the occiput and the forehead or frontal region. Accessory pain can be felt in the neck or scalp of patients with this condition. People who experience tension-type headaches also often report a pressing or grip-like pain in their head. Tension-type headaches rarely have a sensory or physical component that would be experienced with a migraine type headache.

Álvarez-Melcón et al. studied a group of students with reported tension-type headaches. Their study aimed to seek the effect of non-pharmalogical treatments for tension type headaches. Participants in the study were separated into two groups. The first group’s treatment consisted of relaxation training, while the second group’s consisted of physical therapy and relaxation training.  Participants in the study were required to document change in frequency, intensity and duration of their headaches at intervals of time after completion of treatment. Both groups reported reduced pain intensity, duration and frequency of their headaches, however a greater drop in painful symptoms were seen with the combined relaxation and physical therapy group. This study supports the use of non-invasive measures to reduce tension type headache symptoms at the root causes. If you suffer from tension-type headaches, physical therapy and acupuncture can help reduce your symptoms to improve your quality of life.



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