The Acupuncture Point Yintang

Yintang Acupuncture

In this article the Acupuncture point Yintang will be discussed. According to Acupuncture point classification and system the point Yintang is defined as an Extra point of the Head. It is defined as an Extra point because is not located in one of the 12 main meridians or energy pathways. In addition, it is not one of the 361 Acupuncture Points that the WHO World Health Organization included in its Proposed Standard International Acupuncture Report in 1991. The point Yintang or otherwise called the “Hall of Impression” and is located at the anatomical landmark on the frontal bone of the skull called the glabella which is located between the eyebrows. Many traditional cultures refer to Yintang as the “third eye”. It has also been referred to as the location of the upper Dantian by many Qigong authorities. A Dantian is defined as a center of qi or life force energy. The Dantians of which there are two, the upper and lower are very important points in the art of Qigong, Reiki, Yoga, and martial arts.

According to Peter Deadman in his text Manual of Acupuncture Yintang has many clinical uses. It can be utilized to treat a patient with insomnia by “calming his or her spirit”. It can also be used to treat anxiety and agitation according to Deadman. The point can also be effective in treating any pain in the face i.e… frontal headache which is often the result of nasal congestion, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Vertigo or Dizziness, Hypertension and eye disorders according to Peter Deadman. Yintang can be used by itself but is usually needled with other Acupuncture point combinations depending on the focus of the treatment and condition being treated. Massage is also another modality which can be used to stimulate this point and can be performed by a licensed practitioner or the patients themselves.

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