The Therapeutic Benefits of the Acupuncture Point Gallbladder 30

The topic of this week’s article is the Therapeutic Benefits of the Acupuncture Point Gallbladder 30. Gallbladder 30 referred to as GB 30 for short is located between the hip joint and the Sacrum a triangular bone at the base of the spine. In laymen’s terms, the outer hip buttock region. The translation of the Chinese name Huantiao for GB 30 is “Jumping Circle” because it is located at the pivotal hip region of the lower limb. According to Chinese Medicine this point is able to influence the movements of the entire lower limb. The benefits of this point are many. In the majority of the Acupuncture community, GB 30 is considered the most common point for the treatment of Sciatica which may be used no matter what the location or nature of the pain in the lower extremity is. Sciatica can be defined as Neuralgia or nerve pain which radiates or travels down the leg from a damaged or Herniated Lumbar Disc. The Sciatic nerve can also become entrapped or compressed by the Piriformis muscle, which is a muscle located in the hip/buttock region and is responsible for external rotation of the hip or outward movement of the leg. In some some cases, the Piriformis muscle is surgically cut to take the pressure off the Sciatic Nerve.

Acupuncture text books have a laundry list of symptoms that GB 30 could potentially benefit. According to Peter Deadman’s text, A Manual of Acupuncture the Indication’s for GB 30’s uses are as followed: “Pain of the buttock, pain or sprain of the hip and leg, sciatica, atrophy disorder and painful obstruction of the lower limb, hemiplegia, cold-wind-damp painful obstruction, numbness of the leg, inability to flex and extend the knee, pain of the lumbar region and lateral costal region, pain of the lumbar region and leg, leg chi and Urticaria and Eczema.” To shed some light on Peter Deadman’s terms, costal refers to the rib or ribs. Urticaria and Eczema refer to common skin conditions. In summary GB 30 is a very useful Acupuncture point. It is one that I use on a daily basis for the treatment of Lumbar Spine disorders, Sciatica or pain in the hip joint or leg.

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