What is Viscosupplementation And What Can It Do For Your Arthritis

Viscosupplementation is a medical term for injecting lubricating fluid into a joint. The fluid consists of hyaluronic acid which is found in the fluid between your joints. Viscosupplementation is most commonly used to treat knee osteoarthritis, however, it has also been used in osteoarthritis of the hip joint. A joint with osteoarthritis has less fluid than those of a patient without osteoarthritis.

What are the goals of Viscosupplementation?

  1. Improve knee movement and range of motion
  2. Decrease pain
  3. Slow the progression of arthritis

Who is a Candidate for Viscosupplementation?

People with knee osteoarthritis who have not improved with other non-invasive treatment.

How it Works

Viscosupplementation works by increasing the amount of fluid in the joint, which improves movement and shock absorption of the joint surfaces. Viscosupplementation can improve symptom relief for up to one year, however it does not work for all patients with knee osteoarthritis. Injections can be repeated, but are often less likely to work as osteoarthritis progresses.

What Happens After My Injections?

The next step after injection is physical therapy. Physical therapy programs consist of range of motion and muscle strengthening exercises to improve knee support. Once strength and range of motion are gained, patients are guided through functional tasks to allow for improved daily activities.

If you are experiencing pain due to osteoarthritis, speak with your doctor about your options to improve your outcome and quality of life.

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