What is Evidence-Based Practice?


The following excerpt was taken directly from the American Physical Therapy Association website (apta.org):

“Evidence-based practice is access to, and application and integration of evidence to guide clinical decision making to provide best practice for the patient/client. Evidence-based practice includes the integration of best available research, clinical expertise, and patient/client values and circumstances related to patient/client management, practice management, and health care policy decision making. Aims of evidence-based practice include enhancing patient/client management and reducing unwarranted variation in the provision of physical therapy services.”

Why is this important? Great question. It is as simple as weighing utility (or usefulness) of a decision (or intervention). In other words, if you were to invest in something — perhaps…a new car, would you rather purchase a car that has great reviews, a somewhat predictable lifespan and cost of maintenance? Or, would you rather have minimal knowledge of what you are purchasing? The answer is quite obvious, and that is why we feel so strongly about it.

We believe healthcare decision making is no different than the automobile example above. We also believe that you should be your own best advocate, and that you deserve the highest-quality care – whether it is a cutting-edge technique or something small such as the way all staff members interact with you. At Advanced PMR, our clinicians are specifically trained to acquire, appraise and apply the most relevant up to date research. In doing so we are dedicated to provide best quality, evidence based rehabilitation services to facilitate patient satisfaction and optimize recovery.

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