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Allergies, or allergic rhinitis, are due to an over-reactivity of the immune system to certain allergens. Allergies are generally induced by wind-born tree, mold spores, grass, or weed pollen, and can cause such symptoms as: sneezing; nasal congestion; runny nose; watery, itchy, or red eyes; headaches; fatigue; and sometimes coughing and wheezing. When allergens and antibodies react in individuals with allergic rhinitis, their nasal mucosa becomes swollen and may obstruct drainage from the sinuses causing sinusitis in many people. Thus, sinus infections are a frequent complication and consequence of allergic rhinitis.

Chinese medicine can help bring relief of symptoms, correct imbalances of the immune system, prevent the occurrence of infection, and allow healing of tissues of the sinuses. Chinese medicine offers allergy sufferers a way to strengthen their bodies and significantly reduce their symptoms, without unpleasant side effects. You do not have to spend another season living with allergies.

Can acupuncture help relieve allergy symptoms?

Yes. A skilled acupuncturist will be able to diagnose the root problem and not just the symptoms to uncover the underlying condition that is allowing the allergy to take hold in the body. During the treatment, there is often a quick response. Usually, patients experience some relief during the first visit while lying on the exam table with their acupuncture needles in place. In a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found that people who received acupuncture treatments while taking antihistamines showed a greater improvement in their allergy symptoms than those who just used antihistamines to treat their allergy symptoms

How do I know if I am a good candidate for allergy acupuncture treatment?

Good candidates include those affected by seasonal allergies such as pollen, grass, or mold as well as those allergic to dander, dust, and other lesser-known pathogens. If you experience symptoms including running nose, sneezing, and watery/itchy eyes that recur during specific parts of the year or in specific environments (houses with pets, etc), acupuncture can help relieve these symptoms. 

How is acupuncture a remedy for allergy symptoms?

Acupuncture aids in allowing your body to naturally heal itself and also withstand harmful pathogens by strengthening the immune system. The insertion of the needles during acupuncture can trigger a series of biological events on the cellular level that results in an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, helping to relieve the allergy symptoms.

How does acupuncture help strengthen my immune system?

Acupuncture works by inserting needles along specific points and pathways of the body that correspond to the autonomic nervous system. Insertion of needles at these points results in stimulating these specific regions of the autonomic nervous system. This stimulation causes a reaction from the immune system. We recommend starting treatment for allergies 3-4 months before the season in order to allow enough time for the immune system to strengthen

Why choose our treatment plan?

At AOSMI, our acupuncturist combine their highly skilled and trained techniques of acupuncture with their ability to listen to our patients and ask questions to deduce the right course of treatment for the individual patient. This attention to detail is the cornerstone of the acupuncture program at AOSMI.

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