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Corinne Loveland

Hi Jon,

It’s been on my mind for a few days to send you a note to let you know how much the AOSMI team impresses me, and has for such a long time! Thank you for all that you all do, and a major kudos is owed to you and your hiring team for hiring the best out there!

My relationship with AOSMI goes back to 2013 (I think), when I first met Moises (and you!). I cannot say enough good things about Moises. He’s helped me immensely over the years, with various injuries, and with my general wellbeing. In addition to being a master at what he does, he’s a phenomenal person who truly cares about his patients. That couldn’t be more evident. I haven’t been in for acupuncture in a while, and I miss not only how good I feel after a session with Moises, but his company too. Moises truly brightens my day when I get to see him. He’s funny, sincere, and just a good person I’m thankful to have gotten to know over the years.

When I started coming to AOSMI in the summer of 2019 for physical therapy, I continued to be impressed…

Maureen – I don’t think there could be a more efficient, warm, or patient person to represent your business. She doesn’t miss a thing and never makes me feel bad if I need to shift my appointments. She’s consistently awesome and makes me feel welcome and appreciated as soon as I walk in the door.

Michelle – I remember when I had my evaluation with Michelle for my low back injury in 2019. At the end of that thorough and thoughtful evaluation, I had tears in my eyes because I thought ‘wow, I’m finally not going to be in pain.’ Michelle exudes compassion and it is evident she has an impeccable work ethic.

Charisse – I have seen Charisse more than the other therapists for the two concurrent injuries for which I have pursued treatment. I would always look forward to going to therapy, becuase of the excellent staff I’ve called out here, and in particular becuase of Charisse. She’s intuitive, kind and I have always left treatment feeling better – and happier – having gotten to spend time with her. Never for a second did I doubt that Charisse cared about me and my wellness. Even when I moved to Colts Neck, I returned to Belmar for the quality of care I knew I’d get from Charisse and Anthony.

Anthony – Like Charisse, Anthony is a rockstar physical therapist. I’m always curious about what’s going on in my body and ask questions about the specific muscles that are acting up or causing me pain. Anthony explains everything clearly and has a particular knack for adjusting my exercises according to what’s going on with me on any given day. Like everyone I’ve called out, he’s kind and dedicated, and a pleasure to get to spend time with.

And finally, the reason I was promoted to write this email is becuase of another VIP I get to add to my list of people I appreciate at AOSMI. That’s Mallory. I have had an absolute nightmare of an experience trying to navigate my car accident case with Geico and getting treatment approved. Mallory reached to me over an insurance billing error lingering from last year that she quickly helped me investigate and resolve. From there, she listened to all that’s going on with my car insurance, health insurance, continued pain and need for treatment without feeling like I have many options, unfruitful attempts to be seen by Dr. Ben-Meir, etc, all of which added up to me coming very close to giving up and accepting that I may just have to live in pain. Mallory helped me navigate all of these pieces like an absolute expert. I’ve been referring to her as my hero. She realized an error on Geico’s part in that they started denying PT because I had reached my limit, when in fact I had not. She’s working with Dr. Ben Meir’s staff to get me a prescription for therapy and get me seen in the office, and she even looked into getting acupuncture approved though my regular health insurance since my car insurance will no longer cover it. All the while, her communication has been thorough, timely, and kind. I can honestly say that I have never had as positive of a customer service experience in my life, and it came when I really needed it. Thanks to Mallory’s investigative skills and persistence, I’m back on the schedule for PT at AOSMI, will soon book acupuncture, and have an appointment with Dr. Ben-Meir to pursue additional treatment.

So that’s my very long-winded, shout-out filled way of saying thank you so much, Jon and AOSMI. I will only seek treatment at your facility whenever I need it (although I do hope that one of these days I’ll stop having injury after injury!), and I’ll refer you to anyone who will listen, far and wide.

With so much appreciation for all you do and the amazing staff you have,

Corinne Loveland

Christine Stavenick

My experience at the Edison therapy center has been a great one. The therapist, acupuncturist, and everyone there are very helpful and kind. The acupuncturist is very kind, caring, knowledgeable. He is always kidding around with me and makes me feel happy. I look forward to going there every week. He is helping me out. I suggest if anyone needs acupuncture to go to Andrew at the Edison center. He will help you out.

Marc Penn

Recently, I had four tendons reattached in my left shoulder due to an accident on a tennis court. I chose Advanced because it was close by and offered a free patient pickup & return service, and I was unable to drive. Otherwise , I had no knowledge of the business.

To elaborate on the PT office, I would like to start by stating how obvious it is from the moment you walk in how organized this outfit is. Electronic sign-in/out is quick.
Maureen at the desk is knowledgeable with any insurance issues/questions, and handles any scheduling requests. She will make any time of day work. Appointments are very timely. In the exercise room Neil & Alissa keep watch over your listed routines. They are there for your safety & correct equipment usage . I have worked with 3 therapist over the past month (attending 3x/week).

Michelle , Charisse, and Anthony. Each are amazingly knowledgeable in body kinetics & physiology. My surgeon provides a roadmap of rehabilitation , but that is only the beginning. With gentle hands they…pull…stretch…flex…extend…knead…tape…and measure your progress. All with the upmost safety in mind. This has been by 3rd rotator surgery, so my experience relates to knowing whether the staff is capable and competent . I highly rate these physical therapists . They are very thorough . Please give them your consideration.


I was hesitant about physical therapy but was pleasantly surprised. I had constant headaches and numbness in my hard due to herniated discs in my back. Louis’ healing hands and skills made an immediate difference. After three treatments, my headaches had disappeared and the numbness diminished. Louis is a really lovely person with great skills that will make the much desired difference that you may need. For the first time, I felt hope from my very limiting and constant pain. Thank you Louis C.!


After three and a half years of a combination of bursitis and muscle inflammation across my right hip , I am finding relief!!! Thanks to Ryan, the physical therapist, and Dan, who does acupuncture, I am a happy woman. The staff at AOSMI is awesome-the facility is so clean with privacy rooms where you can be worked on. Very different from another physical therapy place I went to where we were packed in one room.
I highly recommend Advanced to anyone having physical issues – as of today I have four friends also coming here.
Thanks Ryan and Dan!!!!!

Cara S.

My name is Cara. I just got back from competing in the 2019 World Rowing Championships where my teammate and I took gold in the Lightweight Women’s Pair. I worked with Moises to address hip pain that’s been persisting for the past six months. We got into the deep hip muscles, IT band, glutes, hamstrings and low back. What an amazing difference he made! He was able to release tight muscles and relieve pain that I’ve been increasingly worried about. I now feel more confident going into 2020, as I start to work toward earning a spot on the Olympic Team.

Angela B.

HI! My name is Angela Bardis and here is my story. When I first started therapy I had a really bad lower back pain. My doctor recommended AOSMI and said they have transportation for me too! They took my insurance, gave me rides and made me feel so much better. My back is feeling so much better and it feels like it was miracle, like nothing ever happened!! I’m so happy I choose this place, I can definitely say I made the right decision. Thanks to the team at AOSMI I am pain free! 10 stars!!

Stephenie D.

I’m so grateful that my doctor recommended AOSMI in Brick. The entire staff is wonderful. The facility is clean and well organized. I get personal attention to my specific problems. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I no longer walk with a limp and can manage stairs without having to pull myself up with the railing. I’ve been suffering extreme pain and weakness since a 2010 car accident. I had previous physical therapy elsewhere, injections, etc.. but nothing seemed to work. That was until I started at AOSMI. AOSMI is simply the best.

Joe T

I had my first total knee replacement on august 6th 2018 and my second three months later on November 7th// I return to work tommorow right on schedule thanx to my therapist Mary in the morganville office–Mary and her regular assistant Ashley are truly two of the sweetest and professional girls I’ve ever met– I was nervous at first because I had heard so many war stories about physical therapy but after meeting Mary she gave me confidence that physical therapy would affect my life in a positive way– I can honestly say that in Mary I have one of the best physical therapists in the world because not only did she get me thru the roughest times in my life physically but she made me feel comfortable and made me fell like I belonged and she knew just what I needed to get back to work and stronger physically– I can honestly say now that had it not been for her I probably wudve taken the easy way out and skipped pt and would not be where I am today physically– I can honestly say after watching her with all her patients she truly cares and I can say not only has she gained a fan but she will be a friend for life!! replacing both my knees was one of the tuffest decisions I ever made and so was choosing a place for physical therapy but thanx to Mary it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made 👍

Nick F.

I have been attending Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for over 18 months or more. I find great improvement in my total well being all due to the professional expertise of their wonderful staff, especially Matt, Rhia, Dave, Lauren, and Kristen, who perform their duties with care and individual concern for their patients. I recommend them to everyone who seeks a healthy lifestyle.

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