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Carolyn B.

I started acupuncture therapy with Joshua Solomon to alleviate chronic knee stiffness & pain from osteoarthritis as I anticipate knee replacement in the near future. The arthritis gives me issues in other parts of my body as well. I am not able to take anti-inflammatory meds, & I have tried a host of other “natural” options to no avail. I noticed initial relief after the very first acupuncture session, and after a few more sessions, I’m now able to go forward down stairs without pain. I’m also able to get out of the car with less stiffness/soreness, and there is less stiffness throughout my body when I first get up in the mornings, when it was most noticeable. In fact, the diminished stiffness & soreness carries through the rest of the next few days until my next acupuncture session. It’s what I hoped I’d be able experience when other things were not working. I think it’s helping in a variety of other ways, too. I’m sleeping better. I am relaxed. I feel good overall. Josh is caring, gentle, adept, and professional. I am VERY pleased!!

-Carolyn B.

Anthony D.

Dr. Mary is the absolute best! Extremely friendly, thorough and made my recovery that much more enjoyable. After 8 weeks of PT I am fully recovered back to playing sports and I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Thank you to Dr. Mary and the whole Advanced PM&R team!

-Anthony D.

Jane H.

I have just finished 8 weeks of physical therapy at Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for a fall that damaged my knees and hamstring. I am so pleased with my treatment at the Brick location of APMR with Dr Ryan and his assistant Lauren. I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs physical therapy seeing as I finished my treatments with all my pain gone and I am even stronger now because of the excellent therapy than I ever was before my fall. 5 stars overall!

-Jane H.

Richard W.

I came here with a painful rotator cuff problem. I had trouble putting on a shirt or seat belt. After six weeks of PT I am pain free and stronger. Dr. Ryan, Lauren, and Jessica were all friendly and knowledgeable. I am now pain free and much stronger with better range of motion. Five star service and care.

-Richard W.

Laureen M.

The Brick location of Advanced PMR is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Eric, the chiropractor/acupuncturist, has the ability and knowledge to quickly ease your discomforts and make your body pain free and flexible. He spends time to work on your body, and give you quality treatment that lasts. It is wonderful having the same doctor give you chiropractic and acupuncture treatment. My body reacts well to both treatments, and it is extremely convenient to have both treatments done in one visit and one location. If these treatments weren’t in the same location I would probably select a different doctor, however, thankfully Dr. Eric has the certifications to perform both treatments so he is why I continue to utilize Brick Advanced PMR.

The physical therapist, Dr. Ryan is also very knowledgeable and effective. His ability to work an injured area with his hands, tools, and recommended exercises enables a person to recover quickly from an injury.

Also, Jessica, who performs multiple tasks at the front desk, is very pleasant, patient, and kind. Her personality makes every transaction and appointment scheduling or rescheduling quick and easy.

-Laureen M.

Nicolas C.

The staff at Advanced PMR is exemplary. They have a clear understanding of best practices when working with a patient, and take into consideration the safety and comfort of the patient. The Head Physical Therapist Steven was always attentive by making sure to ask if the exercises he prescribed caused any discomfort. If exercises did cause any discomfort he would attempt to problem solve other variations of the exercise that would still accomplish the same overall goals without hurting me. Danny, the individual who runs acupuncture, also attempted to aid his patients by asking in-depth questions regarding medical history, and making the patient feel at ease during treatment. This place truly cares about the safety and comfort of their patients by being welcoming and understanding to the person’s various needs.

-Nicolas C.

Christine H.

I have been going for Physical Therapy and Acupuncture for the past month due to tendinitis. I go to the Edison location and I love it there. The whole staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. Steve is my PT and he is wonderful. He truly knows what he is doing and has helped me tremendously. Kevin is Steve’s assistant and he pushes me through all of my exercises and makes sure I am doing them right and not in pain.
Danny is my acupuncturist and he is the best. I have never been to acupuncture so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Danny explains everything to you before he starts and with every visit. I wish I had known about acupuncture years ago. It helps with everything. I highly recommend the Edison facility for physical therapy and acupuncture.

-Christine H.

Dail D.

The staff members are very warm and caring and always attentive to the needs of their clients. My concerns are addressed in a professional and prompt manner. The care is exceptional and the facility is spacious and clean. Steve, Danny, Kevin and Pinky are awesome. I highly recommend going to this facility for treatment.

-Dail D.

Brian D.

If you are looking for 5+ star quality treatment in Physical Therapy and Acupuncture, look no further. The doctors deliver the highest quality treatment available to help you get back on your feet and feeling better. Allergies, headaches, neck tension, and back pain have all been vastly improved since visiting Josh and Mary.

-Brian D.

Maggie T.

I came in to Advanced PMR pre-surgery and post surgery for a labrum tear in my shoulder.
The staff here are so welcoming and provide a friendly atmosphere that is unmatched! I have continuously noticed major improvements in mobility and strength over the weeks that I’ve been here. Special thanks to Mary, Scott, and Justin for always showing me attentive care and training me back to full health. Josh’s passion and knowledge of acupuncture created a calming and effective atmosphere for my first experience. Overall I can say nothing but great things about this place and would recommend to anyone with injuries that require PT attention!!

-Maggie T.

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