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Marsha S.

I have been a patient at APM&R for several months. I had a bilateral knee replacement and the day I was released from the hospital I went to the Red Bank facility for an evaluation. I started my physical therapy the very next day. I went 3X/week for 1 1/2 months, then twice a week, finally once a week and next week is my last therapy session.

My therapist, Dr. Rob Kohutanycz, was wonderful. He was tough, motivated me, professional, personable and a really nice guy. The assistants were all very good also. I was never kept waiting, they always ran on time. I’ve been to other therapy facilities where someone shows the patient the exercise and then walks away, sometimes leaving the patient waiting when the exercise is done. They usually have many therapists (some better than others) assisting many patients and rotating around the room. There is too much “down time.” I appreciate the professionalism of Advanced PM&R people and how they respect the patient’s time.

Advanced PM&R was highly recommended to me by a friend and now I am telling everyone how great they are. I would not have made the amazing recovery that I have experienced without their help.



I had a back injury with a bulging disk and two compressed disks. The treatments at your Red Bank Office started to work immediately and within a few months all the pain and issues were completely eliminated. No need for drugs, surgery or injections- can’t ask for more than that.

Patty and Ashley

My daughter and I have been seeing Josh for Acupuncture for awhile now in the Edison office. We can’t say enough good things about our experience there. Josh is very knowledgeable and very passionate at what he does. He takes time to really get to know his patients. He makes you feel very comfortable and takes the time to discuss the treatment he will be giving you before he begins. Since our visits we have both been feeling a lot better. I would highly recommend his services to everyone.

Asia K.

My experience receiving physical therapy at this location was absolutely great! The place is clean, organized and very well run. The system has been set up with the patient’s comfort in mind. I received my physical therapy primarily from Dr. Ben Fan. He is absolutely great, knowledgeable, kind, courteous and a true professional. I would consider him a great asset to this institution and to this profession.

My best wishes to this institution and especially to Dr. Ben Fan.

Jan 15, 2017
Manalapan NJ

Dr. Gene C.

To whom it may concern:
It is with my great pleasure to praise your Manalapan office and especially Dr. Benjamin Fan who was my physical therapist for several weeks. Dr. Ben was very efficient and comfortable. I feel that I am qualified to express my positive opinion of Dr. Benjamin Fan because I am a graduate of St. John University- College of Pharmacy and employed as an Organic Lab instructor. Also, I am a graduate of Buffalo University- Doctor of Dental Surgery- affiliated with Coney Island Hospital.


Jed S.

I have been getting PT at Advanced since June 16’. I’ve been dealing with a glute and hamstring injury. My physical therapist Ben has been great to work with. The entire staff is helpful, friendly, and supportive. Ben has taken the time to review my course of action, plot out a plan, explain why we are doing specific exercises and continually ensuring I’m “ok” as we go through my workout. The PT environment is clean, comfortable, and has the instruments that have helped me to improve. Most important to my situation is I have seen improvement with my treatment and have made good progress with Ben and the PT team. I would highly recommend Advanced for anyone needing PT. I am more than happy with the staff and the program I’m on as treatment. I appreciate their attention to my health and well-being.

Lou M.

My name is Lou M. On December 4, 2015, I underwent total shoulder replacement surgery and subsequently received physical rehabilitative therapy three times a week for the following five months at Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is my impression that the progress I have made in five months in regaining nearly full motion and use of my left shoulder has been successful due in major part to the skill, attention, and understanding of my therapist, Dr. Rob Kohutanycz. Because, in part of my age (70), progress in healing of a surgery of this nature is slow, and I must therefore emphasize the patience shown by Dr. Kohutanycz in working with me. In addition, I observed that I was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout this period because the issues of pain and discomfort of swelling were managed without drugs, due directly to acupuncture. This combination of therapeutic modalities was of strategic benefit to me. The therapy was administered in the Red Bank facility by Dr. Rob Kohutanycz, PT DPT. Immediately following each physical therapy session I would receive acupuncture delivered by Heather Quinlivan, Lic. Ac. Again, I must stress the importance I found in receiving acupuncture for pain control following each therapy session. The support staff at AMPR has been excellent. Courtney, Jon and Lauren each made the experience come together, and were excellent in their support. Overall, I believe a successful outcome to my surgery was as much a consequence of the effectiveness of the five months of post-operative therapy as it was a result of the surgery, itself.


Evelyn F.

I am extremely satisfied with the service of Advanced PMR and Dr. Ben Fan including all of his aides. They have all given me positive attitudes and I am feeling better both physically and emotionally. I am very appreciative and highly recommend this facility to all ages. I am 80 years old, however my 21-year-old grandson also attends Advanced PMR. We both agree the help we’ve received has been outstanding.

Thank you again!


Linda S.

Last year was the first time I tried something other than traditional medicine. I have experienced chronic abdominal scar tissue for many years. Although my problem will be with me for life, managing my symptoms is imperative to my well-being. After my first acupuncture treatment with Moises, I was totally hooked. With regular treatments, I am able to live my life to the fullest without pain. Because of the results I have experienced, I would recommend acupuncture therapy with Moises to anyone. In addition to positive results, the staff at Advanced Physical Medicine is excellent. They are very knowledgeable and accommodating to your individual schedules.




I am very pleased to report that I have been discharged from the initial treatment plan that was started in April. We have moved on to another treatment plan and I look forward to similar favorable results!

I think the results are as much a tribute to the great work of Dr. Benjamin Fan and David Cohen as to the leadership of your organization. Clearly the leadership drives the success of the organization as much as anything else. Ben and David always make me feel as if their only concern at the moment I arrive is me. That is true of every person I’ve met. You could not have a more pleasant reception process and I can truly say that Advanced PMR has helped to improve my life!

Best personal regards,

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