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Petra S.

I came to Moises after a chronic low back/hip injury. He was patient with my endless questions and assured me that acupuncture would relieve my pain over time. After 5 visits, Moises asked for help from P.T. on site. He felt like we were missing a piece to this puzzle. In conjunction with Vinny, they were able to sustain a pain free existence for me and get me back to my active lifestyle.

I would recommend Moises and the entire A.P.M.R Family with 100% confidence.

Kathleen T.

Would like to reach out and thank Dr. Lukas DeLorenzo for his compassionate and excellent care, after an accident caused me to suffer severe vertigo. (BPPV). After only two treatments I was on the road to recovery. I can now live life to the fullest.
Thanks again.


I came to Advanced Physical Therapy because they did a free trial day at my work. I was having problems with my feet, particularly planters facetius, for a few years. Working with Dalton, Luke, and George to heal the pain in my foot and also strengthen my legs was very helpful. Dalton and Luke used a variety of methods to heal my foot and I can now say I feel much better than when I started. Always chipper and knowledgeable, the staff at Advanced Physical Therapy were there to help you.

Charlene V.

At first I thought “oh not another PT place”, for yet another injury. Most places treat the injury but you group treated the person as well. I wasn’t just another patient with a chart I was cared for perfectly. Rob, my PT was more professional and friendly and we both achieved great results. At Advanced I can say you are far and beyond one of the best rehabs I ever had to go to. The added bonus was the pick-up and drop-off. Paul, Roz and all of you made it a great experience for me. I am doing a whole lot better now that you got me into those exercises paid off. Now I can touch both hands behind my back. You are a bunch of healing, helping hands. God Bless you!

Paul P.

I came to this office in Lake Como with a condition known as Trismis, which had snuck up on me like a thief in the night. This condition was caused by radiation which I received back in 2008 and which didn’t show up until 2014. As one doctor told me “Radiation is the gift that keeps giving.”

This condition would cause my mouth to stay shut or close to it. This caused a ton of problems with eating, brushing my teeth and my life in general. Fortunately is was not usually painful except for a few times when it would cause a muscle to act up and swell up so it looked as if I had a golf ball in my left cheek.

I had gone to another physical therapy company in 2014 with some results, which did not work out as well as this office. The main therapist I worked with was Dalton, who did massages and had me doing a number of exercises that worked muscles that I would not even associate with my mouth. When I got to him I could open my mouth about 7MM and he managed to get me up to about 30-34MM.

I still have to be careful with opening my mouth because something as simple as eating an ice cream pop can cause me to go back to square one. The great thing is that Dalton showed me ways to get back in shape again, so if I do have a problem I can fight it. We got better results here in nine or ten weeks than I got in the other therapist in six months. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs physical therapy. I sent one of my friends there for back problems and to my knowledge she has had good results.

I am sorry it took me three weeks to get this information out to you guys, but as the staff at the front desk will tell you, I had to bring a calendar into the office to make my appointments. The staff there was very helpful and easy to deal with.
With the hot summer weather, I have also been spending a lot of time going surfing which is something Dalton and I spoke about several times.

Gary P.

When I first met Luke, I told him that he had only 3 weeks to get me moving well enough to go back to playing tennis. I live in South Carolina, and I needed to return for tennis matches. I was having pain in my right leg from my upper thigh to foot. I was barely able to walk. I had gone the pills and shot treatment, to no avail. I went to see Luke…….he spent over an hour having me perform assorted motions and activities diagnosing my situation. After he was sure that it was nerves, and not muscular, he gave me a series of exercises. Because of my demand on him, I had to hold up my end of the bargain. The very next day I was walking with a lot less pain and more flexibility. I continued doing the exercises, and by the end of the first week I was getting reacquainted to the tennis court. I really wanted to play on the team when I returned to South Carolina, but I had really had my doubts. Luke made a whole person, in a very short time, and I have nothing but praise for him and the rest of the professional staff. THANK YOU!

Elaine S.

For the last two years I needed a Hoyer lift to get into my pool, after 3-4 visits with Luke, I was able to walk up the stairs into my pool by myself. I had been walking with the assistance of a walker since 2011 and now I am able to walk with the assistance of a cane. I’m walking better than I ever have been in the last 10 years thanks to Dr. Lukas DeLorenzo and Dr. Dalton Gilligan.

R M Legato

“Never discourage anyone…who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”
Plato (427 BC – 347 BC)

You do not have to be a Greek philosopher to know that it is easy to get discouraged when you are in pain. We humans have a tendency to get negative rather quickly. We may focus on “what we can’t do” vs. “what we can do.”
That being said, it isn’t too often when health care providers come in and out of our lives and can make a difference.

Special gratitude goes to Jennifer Hicks and Dr. Rob Kohutanycz for their tireless attention; time, knowledge, and tenacity in helping me get to a better place. They collaborated to design an eclectic treatment plan.

To Roz and Jon, kudos for managing my claims and scheduling appointments in an efficient and timely manner.

Goodbye and thanks!

Deb H.

For the 1st time in nearly 25 years Dr. Lukas De Lorenzo correctly diagnosed my herniated disc as front facing, and for this I owe him a HUGE THANK YOU~ his knowledge and the ability to teach me, the patient the correct way to alleviate my pain in a very short time was truly amazing. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone I know that would be in need of his PT services. Everyone in the office is pleasant and very accommodating.

In addition to PT I have also had the pleasure to work with Moises Moris Jr. in regards to acupuncture, absolutely fabulous… While no one ever wants an ailment I will for sure return to Advanced PMR should the need arise. All My Best to everyone!

Jayme G.

After dealing with balance and dizziness problems for months due to a virus, I was recommend to go to PT. Thankfully I picked Advanced PMR. Dalton is a highly educated, caring and an all around great guy! The amount he helped me is tremendous! He made me feel like more of a friend then just a patient. Because of him my treatment was very educational and enjoyable! Also, I couldn’t thank Beth enough for all the help at the front desk. If it wasn’t for her patience and determination while dealing with my insurance I wouldn’t of had all the visits I had. All together Advanced PMR is an amazing place and I recommend it to anyone who needs PT. Its a great atmosphere, full of helpful, well trained therapists and staff, that truley do care about their patients. Thank you so much Advanced PMR!

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