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I would just like to thank Moses, for not only taking the time to hear my situation, but also really helping me to make a change in my lifestyle. He is has an amazing amount of knowledge and compassion for what he does. And that is why all of his patients are successful when they are finished with their acupuncture services. What took a year and a lot of meds to try for a second baby and was unsuccessful ! Finally I decided took take the natural approach with acupuncture, clean diet, and after 6 weeks found out I was expecting and due in May.:)))))) I just want to thank you for making such a positive impact on my life …..

Michele V.

APMR is fabulous. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I began my therapy in July, 4 weeks after my shoulder surgery and am now 6 months into a 9 month recovery. I have worked with all of the therapists here in the Lake Como location and each one of them have been amazing and each possess their own approach, technique, and style. I have made tremendous progress over the last 5 months and I owe it all to the physical therapists at APMR who give me the encouragement to push myself to go further, try harder, and stay positive. Thank you to Dan, Lukas, Dalton, Rob, George, Ann, Mo, Beth and Jon!


I’ve been coming to Advanced PMR for Physical Therapy for about 2 months and can say it is a pleasant change from the “average” PT model. They put a focus and attention on the patient with true one on one care. Many places just give the patient a set of exercises to do and walk away to attend to 4 or 5 other patients scheduled during the same time slot. Advanced PMR gives you the actual time and attention you are paying for. I have been working with Dr. Lukas DeLorenzo and my experience is certainly the best I have ever had (and I have worked with tons of therapists). He truly listens to my opinion and how I am feeling to adapt and modify my treatment to fit my needs, as well as my attitude and schedule. I sincerely feel that my recovery from a 2 level lumbar fusion is a team effort with a central focus on my goals and lifestyle, not how the therapist would like to treat me. I highly recommend both physical therapy and acupuncture services without reservation.

Cindy M.

Rob, Your knowledge and quality of care, and OF COURSE your fabulous personality got me to this point! Your interest in my personal recovery made me want to excel. You kept my spirits high and struggles fun. Your a great PT!

Much Gratitude,
Cindy M.

Mary C.

The recipe for success: compassion+knowledge+experience+technique+good humor=great/successful treatment. This is what you can expect from Advanced PMR of Red Bank. Thanks to Rob, Jen and the entire staff, I’m feeling so much better than I was when I first walked through their door. Thank you!

Corinne Loveland

I’ve been a patient at Advanced Physical Medicine for two and a half years . I started acupuncture treatment with Moises in the Lake Como office in 2012. Moises is phenomenal. He’s attentive, professional, and personable. I always leave my sessions on cloud nine.

More recently, I started chiropractic sessions with Dr. Reynolds in the Red Bank office. I had a back injury in 2006 that led to facet joint syndrome and nerve damage in my thoracic spine. In seeing Dr. Reynolds, my back feels better than it has in many years! I no longer think daily about my chronic pain and for anyone with chronic pain, you know what a testimonial that is!

Finally, the front desk staff is so pleasant. I am always happy to see Beth, Jon, or George when I walk in. They’re all kind and helpful.

Thanks for being an all around fantastic place and enhancing my quality of life, Advanced Physical Medicine!

Rise M Legato

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s no small wonder that Advanced won honors at the “Best of Monmouth” Health Life Magazine for 2014. Let me explain. I saw my “staircase” several months ago when I made an appointment at the Lake Como facility. When I booked my first appointment I expected what I would call your ‘average experience’ with an initial consultation. I had been down this road before with other establishments. I was mistaken and I’m glad that I was. When you walk into Advanced you know that the ‘bar is raised’ and that you can anticipate an above average experience. Doctor Dan, who instituted Advanced as his private practice, brings esprit de corps to the organization. His exceptional leadership qualities permeate throughout the team. Doctor Lukas, who is new to the organization, provided additional insights through active patient involvement that I was unfamiliar with. To date, I incorporated his suggestions into my workout routine and saw improvement.

A special thanks goes to Doctor Rob who really had the ‘lion’s share’ of the work in helping with mobility and pain management. Doctor Rob was able to bring my pain to an acceptable level so that I have some quality of life. It isn’t always easy to stay motivated, but Rob has a way of getting you ‘mentally’ to the next level, with encouragement and mutual communication and collaboration concerning your treatment plan. Through Rob’s efforts, I will be in a better position for treatments with Doctor Moris for acupuncture. Although initially I was not a big fan of feeling like ‘a human pin cushion’ I was amazed how Mo’s sessions were pain free and my apprehension quickly dissipated.

Lastly, where would any office be without strong office administrators? They are the cornerstones of any organization. Kudos to Jon, Beth and George for exceptional customer service skills and a welcome to Roz who is the newest member of the team. They run the office like a fine tuned machine free from blunders and insurance issues. Also, it is a clean and sanitary environment. Advanced is truly a one stop shop that is worry free so you can just concentrate on getting well.

Thanks for a job well done!

Tim P.

After minimal success at my previous location I decided to give Advanced PMR a shot. In just 1 visit they made a difference. With continued physical therapy I am getting back to being able to do the things I love to do. The staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! Thanks!

Morgan M.

At 22, I had migraines everyday. I woke up with neck pain and stiff muscles everyday as well. Between acupuncture and physical therapy at Advanced PMR, I have gone a WEEK with no migraines. I don’t wake up and immediately take excedrin. My reliance on medication when I do get a migraine is limited based off the exercises and stretches Dr. Lukas has taught me. Despite being young, I knew my life would continue to be filled with migraines if something didn’t change. I’m so glad I found Advanced PMR!

Kristen G.

Thanks for everything. My back feels great and my ankle does too. I can’t tell you how nice it is not to feel like an old lady- I’ve had the lower back problems so long it’s really weird not to have them. As I told Rob to tell you guys, I will injure something soon and be back shortly!

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