Terri D.

“How would you rate your pain today, on a scale of 1 to 10?” This is the question that began each of my visits to Advanced PMR. Having been treated at four other physical therapy groups over the past ten years, I had heard the some question before, and had a preconceived notion of the core I would receive here at Advanced PMR: A different therapist for each appointment; same routine each day; left on my own for the duration of the exercise; no personal connection when my slx weeks were up. I would be sent on my way.

What I discovered at Advanced PMR, however, was a level of professionalism and concern among the staff that was remarkable. As a team, they worked not only to relieve my pain, but to correct a problem that was causing my repeated Injuries. Jess. Dan. George, and James worked continually with my insurance company to make sure my treatments could continue until I was better.

I was amazed at the knowledge and expertise that James demonstrated during my physical therapy sessions and the level of individualized care he delivered. During each session after a quick analysis of my condition James would devise a regimen of treatment and exercise for that hour, tailoring the program to my needs as l progressed through the exercises. James showed such patience as he demonstrated each move for me, and then gently corrected my efforts. He fully explained each maneuver and now It would contribute to my recovery. Educating me this way gave me the confidence to continue the exercise routines at home.

Adding acupuncture to my treatment was a new experience for me. l was apprehensive, Moises quickly put me at ease. His treatment helped to speed my recovery. I am so thankful that l found my way to Advanced PMR. It was joy working and learning from all of you over the past five months. Thank you so much for the care and concern you showed me during my treatment. How would I rate Advance PMR on the care I received, on 0 scale of I to 10? I would rate Advanced PMR a 12. I’ll be spreading the word!

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